Thursday, August 7, 2008

James Taylor

In a rare deviation from the usual pedantic ramblings about films no one really cares about, I'm going to mix this blog up.

I'm not sure how to review concerts. I don't know much about music unless it's obscure Canadian post-rock bands, or misunderstood Icelandic geniuses.

What I do know, is that the James Taylor concert on Monday was bitchin'. Cindy gave me an early birthday present and we witnessed the musical deity play for a hearty two and a half hours at the outdoor Amphitheater in Kaysville. Never have I been so entertained by a 60 year old man scatting blues songs making jokes just like my dad ('...I was abroad for a year. Wait, that didn't come out right...). Plus, hearing the music I grew up on live was more meaningful than even the Celine Dion concert I attended last year (and she even sang 'My Heart Will Go On').

All this magic was preceded by a wickedly delicious (okay, not delicious, but hilarious) and entertaining dinner at Hooter's (please visit our local Hooters on the corner of State St. and 7200 S. in Salt Lake, business seemed a little slow).

What a bitchin' night.


Cindroid said...

I'm so glad you posted about this.

James Taylor fo' life.

Thanks for being born.

Magicman said...

When you were talking about the icelandic genius, were you referring to some type of half-man (and yes, I do mean man, or at least someone who looks like a man) half-bird (and by bird, I don't mean big yellow bird of Sesame street but the most hideously un-fashionable fat ugly bird you can imagine)?

Just curious.


As a side note (what a nifty play on words...note? haha, I'm talking about a song!!), when someone takes pills, do you think they sing that song in their head? "HIGHER HIGHER!!!"